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Multi-Player Trivia Tower With Software Games

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Software Games to meet everyone’s choice

In the ever changing world of entertainment, gameshows are the ultimate stunners whose popularity never sways a bit. May be it’s the thrill, excitement of victory or the reward  associated with  games, that has adrenalin rushing  among the audience of all ages! Be it  trivia, voting games, quiz show or any talent contest, people hailing from different generation or background swear by gameshow ! We at design and manufacture game show software’s and systems with custom built for specific applications to cater to this varied range of clientele. With an array of varied game show software’s and systems in our arsenal, we have been successful in  providing rich, engaging entertainment for all players across all platforms over the years .

The beauty of our software games:

  1. Customisation at its best: All of our software games has the provision of customization to meet your specific requirement. You can add your own Questions & Answers for a trivia show or classroom buzzer game show or can select Sound Effects according to the event type to spice up the party.
  2. TV show effect: With our advanced software games your audiences will never miss the effect of Live TV game shows in your event. Just like trivia game shows on TV or Who Wants to be a Millionaire we have lockout buzzer system that ensures a fair play. The wireless game buzzers also make it a perfect accessory to a TV style game show or event.
  3. Value For Money: Our software’s comes at no additional cost as  with your purchase of a computer-controlled wireless buzzer or game console system you get at least 4 software games absolutely free. You can add more games later on to provide variety of entertainment choices to your clients
  4. Free Software Upgrades: Upgrade your software games to the latest features. Our free software upgrades help you make more money with your wireless buzzers and quiz game systems by adding new features to help any event co-coordinator around the world.
  5. Multipurpose: Our software games are used by entertainers, educators, academic & even corporate organizations worldwide.

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What we have in store? 

TRIVIA PARTY PACK comprises 4 games for party purpose including

  1. Trivia Board Pro 4

Run your own Jeopardy TV Show style event with this amazing software game! Trivia Board Pro has full customization option to add own Q&A, music video,sound effect, animation and picture files! Add xing to training program, party, fund raiser or any trivia event with this software and kiss success.

  1. Trivia Squares

Turn any simple tic tac toe game to a hopping trivia party! Best to play among 2-3 players, you can add own Q&A, music video, sound & pictures to make it a fiery completion on 3X3 4X4 & 5X5 boards.

  • Trivia Feud

Just like Family feud,  Trivia Feud is the ultimate choice for any family or personal get together or corporate events where you have 2 teams with a number of players pitted against each other. It comes with 40 rounds of survey questions for both the team and also includes a powerful editor to add own question.

& iv)  Trivia Fortune:

A combination of Wheel of Fortune & Press Your Luck from TV, Trivia Fortune is extremely exciting game fit for bar/pub, academic and corporate events where the participants try n complete a hidden phrase and win dollars.

Apart from the Party pack we have OTHER  EXCITING GAMES like:

Trivia Ladder PRO

 Just like the chartbuster Who Wants To be A Millionaire, this is a multiple choice based Q & A games. This particular software as PRO version has options to support large scale event with almost 50 contestants and is complete with visually striking graphics with multimedia questions & timer

Extreme Bingo

A typical Name that Tune had never been this exciting before Extreme bingo. This software comes loaded with exciting features like managing music libraries, printing bingo cards & using picture for Name that Picture Bingo. 16 unique & user friendly variation of the game is supported including audio video pictures and trivia in this software.

Talent Hunt

The ultimate judges tracking & talent contest software that supports 2-50 judges at a time! You can easily imagine the scale of the event you can run with this mini software pack that brings to life any talent contest like American Idol or America’s Got Talent. You would love the presentation with leader board & judges board for better audience view.


A simple quiz style leader board software that allows the quizmaster to invent his own game. This caters to a small to mid scale program involving 2-50 players where the host only uses the software as scoreboard keeping rest of the things manual and simple. Comes with snazzy sound effects, fastest finger identification & lock out system.

Trivia Retriever

Comes as an aid to other Trivia software’s like Extreme Bingo, Trivia Board Pro or Trivia Ladder by adding trivia content without manual intervention. If you own the said software’s, you can add this retriever software to your kitty to add automatic trivia question on weekly basis without manual headache.

Take it or Leave it

A deal style game show perfectly compatible with Digigames Take it or Leave it System. Designed for single or multiple players, this game software is perfect to give away prizes for relatively mindless games that anyone can play.

Audience Poll Pro

The ultimate audience voting software, this goes with entertainment, educational training or polling program which requires audience response. You can watch the collective result of audience response with this software for up to 80 voting participants. This one is exclusively compatible with our ABCD systems.