Trivia Pads

Trivia Pads Multi-Player Audience Response System

See pricing and details here for the most popular audience response keypad available. Software games included.


Make Your Events Larger Than Life with the ultimate audience response system, Trivia pads!

Hosting grand events as  chartbuster TV shows & talent hunts are reveries no more ! With our innovative Multi-Player audience response system, Trivia pads,  engage, engross & entertain bulk audience at a time like a pro without the chance of anybody losing interest even for a while. The advance audience response software enables you to gather moment to moment response from the crowd and analyse data at the same time for up to 80 groups or individuals, forging it to be  entertaining yet authentic and powerful tracking system with multifareous usage . Performing in DJ trivia game, conducting surveys, running high-profile interactive seminar or customizable game shows, opportunities are endless with Trivia padss . With so many teams supported, this small device shoots up the possibilities of hosting gala shows with innumerable participants! So drawing a crowd like professional TV quiz shows like Who wants to Be a Millionaire  in your event not that impossible any more, with the same format of Multiple choice Question & Answer format, if you have Trivia pads at your aid.

Where you can use Trivia I pads?

  • Audience polls & Voting Games: Getting to the heart of consensus was never this easy before. Survey up to 100 people at one time without caring for paperwork or internet connection with the inbuilt voting software of Trivia pads. The multiple choice & automatic data counting makes it a formidable choice for voting games and even conducting surveys for training , academic or corporate usage.


  • Trivia game show : Bring the excitement of Tv trivia games to your party. As the name itself suggest, trivia padss are best suited for any trivia games irrespective of the occasion being a wedding/bridal trivia, educational programme or DJ trivia



  • Talent Shows: Trivia pads boasts of a unique talent contest software which lends a special edge to talent shows and karaoke performances. The “Talent Hunt” feature in it is an ultimate judges tool that allows contestants to perform any unique talent while  judges are able to vote on the performance using the audience response keypads.


  • Wedding Parties: Make any wedding or bachelor party a memorable experience by making Trivia pads a part of your event plan! Rev up exciting newlyweds trivia through romantic & interesting Bridal questions that fuels the chemistry between the duo.



  • Cororate or Academic Training: Trivia pads provides real-time feedback and makes meetings much more interesting and fun from an interactive perspective. Make it a part of employee engagement, interactive session surveys or comprehensive long term planning projects and mark the difference in the participation count.




Why Trivia padss are the best choice for you?

  • Superior User Experience: Trivia pads’s simple, easy to use, and specially designed handy interface makes it unparlallel compared to any other wireless buzzer game The sturdy material ensures hassle free operation and easy integration setup involves little effort instead sweating and fretting about technical details.


  • Gurantees audience engagement: Unlike wireless buzzers  , this professional handheld device , is a real time engagememt and assessment tool that allow an entire audience to participate and win! The multiple choice buttons on Trivia padss are designed  so that all the participants with right answer gets points, not just the first player to buzz in . Naturally you get the whole audience tuned into action without any distraction.



  • Versatile in Usage : The Trivia padss are designed in amanner that goes with a number of games format. The A B C D letter buttons make the Trivia pads a perfect choice for multiple choice Q&A games & audience polling, while the buzz button on top is used as lockout buzzer system for fast finger choices like jeopardy games .


  • Automatic Operation: These wireless voting pads counts the data automatically as the group with the highest score becomes the winner. No hassle of paperwork or manual counting makes large games a cakewalk to operate for a single moderator without any external hirings.



  • Wireless Buzzer System creates room for a large Event: Players are able to select their response wirelessly more than 500 feet (150 meters) away!

    Other Features:

  • Easy to hold with rubber-grip sides.
  • 9v Batteries included.
  • Compatible with all DigiGames software Party Pack, Trivia Ladder, Talent Hunt, QuizMaster, and Audience Poll Pro.
  • Expandable to 600 simultaneous pads.

See pricing and details here for the most popular audience response keypad available. Software games included.