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Multiplayer Trivia Tower: Your exclusive Tool For a riproaring program

Do you want to add gameshow excitement to your regular stage event but running tight on budget? Give your humble event a complete makeover with the snazzy latest edition to our stand-alone "buzz-in" gameshow buzzer system, Trivia Tower. Just like trivia cubes, trivia tower is also a cordless hand buzzer system that adds real time technology to your trivia or Q&A game without the fuss of manual work, the only difference being, Trivia Tower creates a much more visually stunning effect. The vibrant LED  lighting of the tower that blinks and buzzes whenever the first player  touches the top Hit button makes this a perfect accessory for a dimly lit bar lounge event, DJ trivia night or wedding party. As kids will equally love it’s bright and colorful look you can easily make Trivia Tower a part of your classroom game, or quiz show buzzer to give a filllip to its appeal and get them hooked at once. Now what more do need to make your event the ultimate grooving yet profitable one without burning your pocket?
By a simple investment in Trivia Tower system you are halfway there to producing an appealing, enagaging and profitable trivia event, whatever the occasions.

Where you can use Trivia Tower?

Whether it is an indoor party or outdoor, you can use the trivia towers without any hitch, even at broad daylight events like the fundraisers or corporate training sessions. In fact, for practically anywhere there is a party or you require people participation with some dose of entertainment, Trivia Tower  is the unbeatable choice.

  • Any Trivia Event – Stand out in the cutting edge competition of Trivia Games by manipulating unmatched audience response . Trivia Tower is the newest addition in the block and continues to be the hot favorite among the organizers of any Trivia event like DJ trivia, Dating Nights or parties in Bar or Clubs or Bridal Trivias. Use it in jeopardy style or feud style with the aid of the free softwares that come with the package, and see the electrifying response.
  • Corporate Events – Corporate organizations who are out to explore more in terms of employee engagement can find Trivia Tower as a magic wand to them. Be it a Employee training programmer, seminar, induction or any fun activity involving staffs, the corporate event planners can make an endless use of this us buzzer device.
  • Personal Usage: Make your special occasions even more memorable by playing trivia games or with friends and family in social parties or get together. The portable Trivia Towers shall come handy for a picnic or small hangouts and what more, you can also use it with your little ones for their academic use by playing home quiz or mock school tests.
  • Schools/Academics – For academic institutions, Trivia Tower can be used in infinite ways starting from classroom training, cultural events like fundraisers or other after-school activities, fun events like post-prom parties and even talent show organisation. Trivia Towers are perfect for increasing student's test scores by using test questions as part of a trivia game prior to the test.
  • Promotion or BTL event activity – Nothing can be a better way to garner attention of the crowd in any BTL activity like than placing a Trivia Tower in your exhibit booth, caravan or even around your standees.  The mass will automatically throng around the place in interest of Q&A or Trivia and your product or service will get the necessary promotion without much ado.

 Why Trivia pads are the best choice for you?  

  • Superior User Experience: In terms of compatibility, usability and functionality the Trivia Tower is unrivalled. Made from durable ABS plastic – the Trivia Tower is ideal for extreme abuse applications and ensure awesome user experience as it now comes with remote control color changing options(with a variety of 14 colors to choose from) to make it even to appealing.


  • Advanced Configuration: Each Trivia Tower contains an internal rechargeable battery for truly cordless functionality and is also fully functional when plugged into a power source. The device is flexible to use as computer-controlled or stand-alone  and can combine together as many as 50 Trivia Tower. So you can easily imagine what a grand event you can conduct with it!


  • Portable & Easy to Use: The detachable cones stack together making your entire trivia quiz game show system is easy to transport Set up and ready to go in minutes, the game show system will ensure that there is no waiting around or “dead time” at your trivia event and instead you are producing a high energy, high quality experience for all involved.
  • No confusion in audience handling: The Trivia Tower, when connected with projector screen, identifies shows the first player to buzz in within a jiffy .The participant to buzz in first will see their wireless buzzer light up, signaling that he or she has the 'go-ahead' to answer the question. As it is a lock out buzzer, any other participant buzzers do not light up to signify that their buzzers are deactivated. Identification of which contestant was first also appear in the software. Naturally there is no confusion among the contestants and no manual intervention is required.
  • Flexible with any objective : Trivia Towers are of one time investment but multiple usage product. No matter kind of events you conduct, you will find that the system is compatible in some or other way with all sort of game format that requires audience participation.
  • Automatic Scoring: The trivia Tower, like all our other products, keeps track the scores of all the contestants and you can easily set the value of each question. So the host can basically run the show in a stress free manner.
  • Value for Money : No monthly fees and no requirement of internet makes it a total pocket friendly choice for the freelancers or budding event organizers!


  • Other Features:
  • Wireless cordless game show system with USB powered receiver.
  • TV-Style trivia software games written by expert question setters
  • Includes software that generates a unique sound effect for each contestant.
  • 7 different unique colors to choose from.
  • Combine together as many player positions that you want.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Compatible with any Mac running Boot Camp.
  • Each unit measures 40"x 12" (base) x 3" (top) (inches HxWxD).
  • Out of the box with a 500’ or greater range.

1 Year Warranty and Full Support