V-Station LE

V-Station LE - DIY Build Your Own Game show system

See pricing and details how you can save money building your own amazing game show system with this DIY kit. Software included.

Vstation LE..less a game station, more a money churner!

As a freelancer or game show host devising innovative yet cracking ideas everyday to entice the audience is no picnic.  Yet the fact remains,   there is no other way to ring the cash register without perpetually luring the audience, visually, intellectually and whole heartedly to your show! The more the audience feel involved and interacted with, the better are your chances of making it work. 

With zillion of TV game shows flooding the idiot box all the time, creating the connection and involvement is not that easy anymore, though! Game show classics are all time hits, and every game-lover tends to be fan of the mainstream trivia shows and desires to replicate what they see on TV. More than the idea or the quality of game show format, it’s the professional look, the glamour, the glitz & excitement that  attracts people more now.

If you think your game show is lacking that X factor that you have always dreamt of, then our  V-Station System can be your savior. This system was carefully designed to give your event a LIVEL game show feel with the ultimate glam  look. Do not let affordability deter your success ...embrace the nexgen DIY game show system,  V station LE and ensure your events are the talk of the town!

 How & where to use Vstation LE?

Because of its portability & extra ordinary appeal, V station LE has its application almost everywhere. Building your own game show system has never been easier or more affordable! Multiplayer V-Station LE, is a fully equipped  ultra portable lockout game show console which comes with on-board scoring, wireless buzzers, sound effects &  microphones is a complete package and sets up in a jiffy!

  • Bar or lounge activities- The vibrant colors, vivid displays and lights of the this system in action is a perfect choice for dimly lit bar or lounge events. The system is operated through a wireless keypad controller which lights up for dark room applications. This amazingly visually appealing system has 10 highly attractive sets of backgrounds to choose from and there are options to add your own backgrounds also ! Naturally to bar owners looking to get people through their doors this will prove to be a hot favorite.


  • Large trivia game shows or trivia event: The highly customizable V-Station LE supports ANY monitor size. It lets the operator easily toggle between split screen and full screen which means that it does not only deal with individual but each box can accommodate 2 teams. This definitely increases the level & reach of the show by leaps and bounds without any extra investment. So whether you are looking for 2 player game or a more elaborate game for up to 16 players station makes it all possible.


  • Practically any competitive event: Right from a quiz show to jeopardy style or family feud style game show, you can turn any event to rocker with Vstation LE. Mount the monitors for even a bigger effect or customize the podium according to event needs, you have hundreds of ways to build your own game show system and create exactly what you have envisioned, or supply something that is expected by a certain client. Your game players will also be impressed by the professionalism which will inevitably pump up their enjoyment and as a result, your revenue!

 Why you should swear by V station LEs?

  • Fully customizable: Like our all other products, V station LE is extremely flexible and can be customized to a great extent. Firstly you can use it as dual functional i.e. stand alone or with computer. With individual and team play options, individual naming system , changing backgrounds & score, controlled lighting, detachable microphones, onboard sound effects and much more, this game show system gives the moderator total control and customization benefit which can be used in an array of heterogeneous events.


  • User friendly: Another huge benefit of having the Multiplayer V-Station System is it is extremely user friendly. Takes only 5 minute to set up and extremely portable with rugged design suited for harsh environments, you can concentrate completely on your event rather than wasting time on configuring or dismantling it.


  • Visual appeal- The changeable colorful LED backgrounds of the V Station acts as electronic screen to the audience. Seeing their name in lights there creates a sense of recognition which has a different sort of  Also , the game show style buzzers, animations  and flashing lights gives an authentic TV show feel which  not only attracts the crowd but the venue owner also.


  • Fuss free: Apart from automatic score keeping, the system plays music and shows who won (winner declaration). This provides fantastic fanfare to the winning contestant. So you practically do not have to fuss over any manual detail


  • Other Features:
  • Built to order.
  • Detachable microphones (Included).
  • You can order as a 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 player system or can ask us about our dedicated 3-player system (like Jeopardy on TV).
  • Easy to carry and transport, like a suitcase.
  • Designed for Individual or Team Play.
  • Convert to a full standing console with our removable/foldable stands.
  • No monthly fees and no internet required!

Comes with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee, a one year warranty and a dedicated support team