Wireless Trivia Quiz Buzzers

Wireless Trivia Quiz Buzzers

Wireless Trivia Quiz Buzzers

Wireless Trivia Quiz Buzzers - Go paperless, stay hassle-free- that’s the mantra!  Therefore, you can forget fidgeting with pen and paper.  Embrace the latest technology to give your event that extra zing !

Most of all, the Wireless Buzzers are the ultimate way to lend a complete makeover to any trivia event. Right from local pub trivia to fundraisers to youth groups we've got buzzers to fit everyone's budget and requirement. Our quiz buzzers, wireless buzzers and game buzzers are surefire ways to give ultimate fun experience to your players.

Hence, you can present entertaining, educational and exciting quiz events with these wireless buzzers.  Therefore, they are naturally a hot favorite among DJ entertainers, school teachers, event planners and employee trainers .

Are you one of them too? Then, try our  Wireless Game Buzzers now!

Wireless Game Buzzers-you’ll fall in love with it!

It doesn't matter what type of event you will use the trivia buzzers for since people of all ages love trivia games.

  • Order as few as 2 or many as 50 player wireless lock out buzzers.
  • Customize the software games to include your own custom trivia questions and answers.
  • Every buzzer is wireless to your computer.
  • First contestant who rings in locks out the other players.
  • The buzzers work with all of DigiGames’ featured TV-style game show software.
  • Your system sets up in minutes.
  • Our wireless buzzers are attractive to people of all ages.
  • Made from industrial grade materials - durable under extreme abuse..
  • Measuring 5.5”x4”x4” (Inches HxWxD), your entire game show system is easy to transport.
  • Out of the box with 500 foot or greater range.
  • 9v batteries included.

Wireless Trivia Quiz Buzzers - Made Easy

With today's wired game systems, the cords are a hassle and can fail over time.  Nowadays, everything is wireless.  Everything important, that is.  However, using a wireless game system is KEY to ease-of-use without troubleshooting worries.

Playing trivia is also easy!  The players simply "Buzz In" to guess at a trivia question.  If the player is correct they get the points.  If incorrect they might lose points.  Repeat until the question series is finished.  The player with the highest score wins!  That's it!  It can't be any easier than that!

Click COMPUTER CONTROLLED WIRELESS BUZZERS to see pricing information for the computer controlled model. Software games included.

Click STAND ALONE WIRELESS BUZZERS to see pricing information for the stand-alone model.  Remote control included.

Watch our YouTube Wireless Buzzers video.

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